Memories Of My Body / Kucumbu tubuh indahku

Memories Of My Body / Kucumbu tubuh indahku


Venice Film Festival

Director : Garin Nugroho / Indonesia/2018/Colour/105’/Indonesian, Javanese

Director and Screenplay Garin Nugruho Producer Michy Gustavia, Matthew Jordan DoP Gay Hian Teoh Editor Greg Araya Music Mondo Gascaro Cast Muhammad Khan,Raditya Evandra,Rianto,Sujiwo Tejo

In Central Java Juno, a teenager abandoned by his father, joins a dance centre where men assume feminine appearances. His innocence is quickly shattered when the group’s tyrannical old guru offers a graphic explanation of the sexual roots at the heart of the art form, and then forces the boy to take a peek at his wife’s genitalia, which he describes pompously as the “hole of life.”