Mohavalayam / Lives Elsewhere  

Mohavalayam / Lives Elsewhere  

Director : T V Chandran / India/120min / 2015 / Malayalam
mohavalayam2Synopsis The film is essentially a love story between two people with different mindscapes enacted in a distant landscape. Pramila is a woman who has had her own share of life struggles in her native land and has run away to Behrain. She starts life as a dancer in a bar and after some harrowing experiences, slowly rises up and becomes the owner of a bar. Jose Sebastian a renowned film maker from Kerala is on a visit to Behrain for showcasing his latest film to the Malayali Community. He finds himself at the end of his film career; disenchanted with the ways of this world and in spite of the pressures to create, has slowly sunk into retirement.

ln Behrain he meets two young men Shanavaz and Ajith who are planning to make a film on the Malayalis who visit Behrain on week ends from Saudi Arabia, crossing theCauseway Bridge in search of transient relationships. So many men who lose everything in their quest for pleasure end up on the bridge for the final fall to the sea…..Shanavaz and Ajith request Jose to help them realize their dream project. They introduce him to Pramila and her bar. Jose makes the youngsters imagine their film as taking place in Pramilas bar. Pramila becomes Sulochana in the film. All the girls in the bar take on different identities and attires.

As the imagined film takes shape, Jose and Pramila interact. She tells him about her past including the fact that her mentally deranged husband is with her in the bar but now as a helper. Jose gets increasingly drawn to Pramila. She awakens in him some primeval lust for life. He abandons the youngsters film and seeks her company;when he finally begs her to leave with him, Pramila refuses. She cannot leave her life and her husband. Jose is thrown out of the bar. He walks away into the darkness along with his imagined characters.

Shanavaz and Ajith while filming spot Jose on the bridge. Bereft of everything Jose Sebastian the film maker stands on the bridge ready to jump down to the sea. Pramila in the meantime has to live on……..


Story, screenplay & direction: T V Chandran
Producer: Sindeendranath PD
Cinematography: M J Radhakrishnan
Editing: Yadavan Chandran
Music: M Jayachandran, Sandip Pilla
Sound Design & Mix: N Harikumar
Cast: Joy Mathew, Mythili, Shine Tom Chacko, Siddique, Sudheesh, Srinda

T V Chandran