Mosaic Portrait / Ma Sai Ke Shao Nü

Mosaic Portrait / Ma Sai Ke Shao Nü

Dir : Zhai Yixiang / 108 mins / China / Chinese / 2019


Migrant worker Xu comes back home upon finding out about his 14-year-old daughter Ying’s sudden pregnancy. He seeks for justice in vain, when Ying’s school and local authorities promise an investigation but prevaricate over Ying’s accusation against her teacher. Jia, a journalist from Shenzhen, shows interest in the case as he scrutinizes the misty town. When he gets lost in trailing into the rebellious girl’s real life, he lingers around, waiting for the shocking truth to be revealed only after childbirth…

At the center of the whirlpool, Ying endures the spotlight shone on her body with indifference. Shortly after labor, the young mother leaves town to receive social assistance in an effort to heal her past. Will she find peace in her future? Will her inner voice be heard one day?