Mr. No Problem/Bu cheng wen ti de wen ti

Mr. No Problem/Bu cheng wen ti de wen ti

Director : Feng Mei /  China / 144  / Mandarin / 2016

Shuhua Farm in Chongqing is highly productive yet fails to turn a profit. Fortunately the shareholders, appeased by Director Ding’s largess, do not hold it against him.To bring in extra income, Ding rents a room to a self-professed artist named Qin Miaozhai, eventually incurring suspicion that the farm is harboring an enemy sympathizer. The shareholders decide to hire an incorruptible new director, who is opposed by the faux-artist Qin.The film was directed by noted screenwriter Mei Fengbased on a short storywritten by Lao She (1943).

Director Mei Feng
Screenplay Mei Feng, Huang Shi
Producer Yu Jianhong
DoP Zhujinjing
Editor Liao Qing-song
Music Feng Mantian
Sound Design Zheng Jiaqing
Cast Fan Wei, Zhang Chao, Shi Yihong, Yin Tao

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Leading Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay
Nominated for best Actor and Best Cinematographer- Asian Film Awards
Tokyo IFF, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Singapore Chinese Film Festival, Shanghai IFF, Beijing IFF