My Dear Friend / Hao You

My Dear Friend / Hao You

Dir : Yang Pingdao / China / 106 minutes / Cantonese / 2018


A young city girl named Jingjing was looking for her disappeared boyfriend in his hometown. Instead, she found her boyfriend’s grandparents, Shuimu and A-Fang stuck in a remote village. Accidentally, Jingjing reveals a mysterious relationship of 60 years. Jingjing found that Shuimu kept a secret friend called Zhongsheng who was mute and lost his memory of childhood. Zhongsheng has a feeling that he would be gone soon, and asked Shuimu to prepare some funeral supplies for him. He is afraid that he would become a lost ghost “down there”. Shuimu asked for Jingjing’s help to find Zhongsheng’s true identity in another remote village 300km away. On the road trip, the three are immersed in foggy spaces and times.

Director biography and filmography:

A native Cantonese born in 1980, graduated from National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Pingdao Yang has been a director, scriptwriter and novelist. His documentary The River of Life won many international awards. My Dear Friend is his debut in fiction feature.


Producer – Long Miaoyuan
Co-Producer – Hu Mengchu, Liang Hanyin
Executive Producer, Editor – Lin Xudong
Executive Producer, Art Consultant – Zhang Xianmin
Director of Photography – Long Miaoyuan
Line Producer – Zhong Qiumeng
Sound Designer – Liu Qi
Music – Dickson Dee (CASH, Hong Kong)


Robert Loh, Gabby So, Haoquan Lu, Hong Jiang, Jie Chen, Gorden Lee, Hongjian Liang, Mingcan Cai, Pinyi Ll, Yinyan Lin, Yi Wang, Huiqin Yang