No victory without any risk: Ayoub Qanir

The present day film makers who try to create profit out of trouble- free ways are a real challenge to
good cinema, says Ayoub Qanir, director of ‘The world of which we dream doesn’t exist’. ‘There is no
victory without any risk. Chaos and challenges must be embraced in films’ added Ayoub.
The fifth day of the ‘Meet the directors’ session of the 22 nd International Film Festival of Kerala held at
Tagore theatre discussed the films addressing the thoughts about life and existential questions.
Directors Anup Singh (‘Song of the scorpions’), Semih Kaplanpoglu (‘Grain’), Nikhil Allug (‘Shade’),
Prem Shankar (‘Randuper’), Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan (‘Maravi’) and actress Nina
Chakraborty (‘Maravi’) also took part.