Noah Land

Noah Land

Dir : Cenk Ertürk / 109 mins / Turkey / Turkish / 2019


In order to realize his estranged and terminally-ill father’s wish to be buried under the “Noah Tree” his father swears he had planted, Omer, a quick-tempered son in a mid-life crisis, has to face the villagers who believe that the “holy” tree is the first tree planted by prophet Noah after the Great Flood and has the power to answer the prayers immediately.


Tribeca Film Festival (International Narrative Competition, USA)/ Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia)/ Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)/ Asiatica Film Festival (Italy)/ Mill Valley Film Festival (USA)/ Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)/ Denver Film Festival (USA)/ Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece)/ Inverness Film Festival (UK)/ Vancouver Turkish Film Festival (Canada)