Nowhere special

Nowhere special

Dir:uberto pasolini /UK | Italy | Romania

Director’s Note

I wanted to make this film as soon as I read about the case of a terminally ill father attempting to find a new family for his toddler son before his death.

Although the situation the main characters find themselves in is very dramatic, the decision at script level was to approach the story in a very subtle, “quiet” way, as far away from melodrama and sentimentalism as possible, as in a film by YasujirōOzu, or, more recently, the work of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.
This approach was reflected in the style of the film-making we adopted, direct and free from distracting stylistic flourishes. Marius Panduru’s camera work was designed to be both fluid and unobtrusive, when appropriate even reflecting the child’s point of view.

The main directorial challenge of the film was that of working with a very young child, and of creating a believable and moving father-son relationship on camera. Fortunately, in young Daniel Lamont, then four years old, we have an extraordinarily aware and sensitive natural performer, and in James Norton a most generous actor, who was happy to dedicate long days into creating a connection with the boy well ahead of the shoot, and to support and guide Daniel throughout what for any child would have been an intense and at times bewildering experience.