Oh Sun/ Soleil O

Oh Sun/ Soleil O

Director : Med Hondo / France | Mauritania / 98  / French | Arabic / 1970

‘Oh, Sun’ tells the story of a man from a French colony in West Africa who, encouraged by propaganda, is chosen to immigrate to Paris where he optimistically hopes to make a ‘better’ life for himself. Although an educated man, he has extreme difficulty finding work. He can’t get an apartment because landlords worry he will cause trouble. He faces discrimination from all angles. A scathing attack on colonialism, the film is also a shocking exposé of racism and a brutal and ironic indictment of Western capitalist values.

Director and Screenplay Med Hondo
DoP François Catonné , Jean-Claude Rahaga
Editor Michèle Masnier ,Clément Menuet
Music George Anderson
Cast Yane Barry ,Bernard Fresson ,Greg Germain ,Théo Légitimus ,Robert Liensol ,Armand Meffre

Awards/ Festivals

  • Locarno International Film Festival – Golden Leopard award
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • BFI London Film Festival