Outrage Coda

Outrage Coda

Takeshi Kitano/Japan/104/Japanese,Korean/2017

Five years after surviving the all-out war between the Sanno and Hanabishi crime families, former yakuza boss Otomo now works in South Korea for Mr. Chang, a renowned fixer whose influence extends into Japan. A relatively minor incident causes tensions to rise between Chang Enterprises and the faraway powerful Hanabishi. The growing conflict gets out of hand and ignites a ferocious power struggle among the top echelons of the Hanabishi. When eventually Chang’s life is endangered, devoted yakuza Otomo returns to Japan to settle things once and for all.

Director and Screenplay Takeshi Kitano Producer Masayuki Mori DoP Katsumi Yanagishima Editor Yoshinori Ota Music Keiichi Suzuki Sound Design Yoshifumi Kureishi Cast Takeshi Kitano, Toshiyuki Nishida, Tatsuo Nadaka

Awards/Festivals Venice International Film Festival, Oldenburg Film Festival