Painting Life

Painting Life

Director : Bijukumar Damodaran / 140 / India / English, Hindi, Tibetan, Nepali / 2018

A Bollywood filmmaker and his crew got trapped in a remote Himalayan village due to natural calamities. Completely cut off from outside world, they encounter many unforgettable experiences and realize the social problems rampant in the society. The crew slowly starts assimilating the slow and peaceful village life from the fast urban life.


Director and Screenplay Bijukumar Damodharan

Producer Ushadevi B S
DoP Radhakrishnan M J
Editor Davis Manual
Music Mark Chan
Sound Design Jayadevan Chakkadath
Prakash Bhare
Geetanjali Thapa
Ritabhari Chakraborty
Shankar Ramakrishnan

Director’s statement

Painting Life is my ninth film and the first in English. It was a pan Indian project with a cast and crew from 10 different states and 6 Indian languages spoken in the film in addition to English. The film was shot entirely in Sikkim, which itself features as a major character in the film, with its magnificent landscapes and stunning vistas.

In Painting Life, I try to focus on the challenges filmmakers face in today’s commercially driven cinema world in staying artistic and truthful to the realities of our society. It is a journey of the protagonist, a highly successful commercial filmmaker for whom cinema is mainly an entertainment business with no connect to the real world or social issues, through a series of intense and unforgettable experiences.

Painting Life also talks about the rampant dam construction in Sikkim which has systematically choked off all the rivers and badly impacted the ecology of this once-pristine state. A number of NGOs and activists from the state who continue to work tirelessly against projects that threaten the ecosystem of Sikkim, were associated with the movie both on and behind the camera.