Pierrot Goes Wild / Pierrot le fou

Pierrot Goes Wild /  Pierrot le fou

Director : Jean-Luc Godard / France   / 1965 / 35 mm / Colour / French-Englishpierror2Synopsis : Dissatisifed in his comfortable bourgeois life, Ferdinand  Griffon leaves his wife and elopes with his baby sitter, Marianne , with whom he once had a love affair. A dead body is found in Marianne’s Paris apartment and the two lovers head for the South of France to escape being caught up among gangsters. On an island on the Cote d’ Azur, Ferdinand is content to read and write poetry, but Marianne grows restless and sets off to find her brother, a notorious gun runner. The film features Godard’s most extended use of color to that point, as the shots are filled with blocks of bright primary colors. This film is a catalogue of cinematic inventions and of gestures made by couples in love. Godard himself called this study of sexual obsession and betrayal, “the story of the last romantic couple.”


pierror3Direction & Screenplay Jean-Luc Godard
Production Georges de Beauregard
Cinematography Raoul Coutard
Editing Francoise Collin
Sound Rene Levert
Cast Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Graziella Galvani, Dirk Sanders, Raymond Devos, Roger Dutoit, Hans Meyer