Rajatha Chakoram for the Best Debut Director

Rajatha Chakoram for the Best Debut Director

Sanju Surendran received the Rajatha Chakoram for the Best Debut Director for his film ‘Aedan’ at the 22nd International Film Festival of Kerala.

Sanju Surendran, director of ‘Aedan’ receiving the award from Thomas Isaac

The Award comprises of a Cash prize of INR 3 lakhs to the director.



Director : Sanju Surendran /India/130/Malayalam/ 2017

aedanSynopsis: Hari is a young, aspiring writer living in the countryside. Hari lives with his mother in their sylvan surroundings. His only excitement, perhaps, is the sight of the doctor’s young wife, filling him with hope of an opportunity for flirting. Sometimes, he visits Peter Sir, an old retired school teacher and widower. The two lonely men take pleasure in a curious game, over drinks and exotic dishes. They cut out obituary notices from a local newspaper, put them in a bowl and randomly pick them out, one at a time. They stake small amounts of money against each pick. The person who picks the older victim of death becomes the winner, and pockets the sum. From among the pictures they pick, Peter Sir recognizes two men, Shaji and Kuriakose, whose deaths tell entirely different tales—one of a murder and the other of love.


Director Sanju Surendran
Writer Hareesh S
Producer Murali Mattummal
Cinematographer Manesh Madhavan
Editor Sreya Chatterjee
Sound Designer Godly Timo Koshy, Pramod Thomas, Ajayan Adat
Cast : Abhilash Nair, George Kurian, Prasant , Nandini Sree, Sunny, Jojo George, Dileep Kumar


Director SanjuSurendr

Director Sanju Surendran

The film is like a folk tale, in its elemental qualities and evocation of eternal human passions. The structure is that of a story within a story, a tradition of Indian epics. The stories attempt a microscopic examination of the human mind. A cross-section is revealed which is a whirlwind of emotions – lust, passion, envy and rage.