Recite / O”ath

Recite / O"ath

Director : P.K. Bijukuttan / 82  mins / 2018


Oath proceeds through the depth and expanse of tender human love and the movie breeds the seed of melancholy and agony in the heart of spectator visualising the tragic life of a mentally challenged son and his helpless father. The thread of the movie is the never ending quest for the reason behind tragedy and the lethargic solitude after this fatal incident.finally it turns the finger towards the spectator himself.Blood relationship abandoned by the senseless society,.

P K Biju Director/Producer/Scriptwriter
Sulfiker Bhutto Cinematographer/Editor
Arun Prasad Music
Aneesh Sethu Sound Designer
Suvil Padiyoor Other
Sreeni Kodungallur Art Director
Shajahan – Sethu
Deepa Pinarayi – Hajara
P.K.Biju – Shefi
Davinchi Suresh – Narrator Ummer Usthad
Sathyan – Cameo Role Backer