Rona, Azim’s Mother / Rona, Madar-e Azim

Rona, Azim’s Mother / Rona, Madar-e Azim


Director : Jamshid Mahmoudi / 89 min / Afghanistan | Iran

Azim, an afghan refugee, who works at the municipality at night, lives in Tehran along with his family. Being the head of entire family and as the eldest brother, he arranges for his brother Faroogh, and his family along with their mother to be smuggled into Germany. But at the last moments Faroogh, shamefully makes his decision known to Azim that he’s not going to take their mother who is very attached to her grandchildren.

Director  Screenplay and Editor Jamshid Mahmoudi
Producer Navid Mahmoudi DoP Koohyar Kalari
Music Sahand Mehdizadeh
Sound Design Mehdi Saleh Kermani

Mohsen Tanabandeh,Mojtaba Pirzadeh, Mojtaba Pirzadeh