Director: Pattabhi Rama Reddy  / Kannada/1970/113 min


Naranappa, a man born in the community of Madhwa (A community of Brahmins from Karnataka) is dead in the Agrahara of the village Durvasapura. As per the Madhwa customs, the last rites of the dead man has to be performed at the earliest. But, Naranappa was a rebel who fought against Brahmanism, who ate meat, consumed liquor and also, married a Dasi (a prostitute). Since he doesn’t have any family, there is some confusion as to who will do the last rites and fire the funeral pyre. Praneshacharya, the head of the Agrahara, a devout and learned Brahmin, is tasked with providing the solution.

Screenplay: Girish Karnad
Story: U.R. Ananthamurthy
Producer: Ramamanohara Chitra, Pattabhi Rama Reddy
DoP: Tom Cowan
Music: Rajeev Taranath
Cast: Girish Karnad, Snehalata Reddy, P. Lankesh, B.R. Jayaram, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Dasharathi Dixit