Seminars, Symposiums, Presentations and Discussions

Meet The Directors : Daily 11.00 am at Tagore Theatre Premises( Press Interaction)

Open Forum : Daily 5.00 pm at Tagore Theatre Premises, Organised by Federation of Film Societies in India ( Kerala Chapter)


10th Dec 2016 11.30 a.m, Hotel Apollo Dimora, Thampanoor

Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE’s) 100 Years Technical Contribution to Media Technology

Presented By Mr.Ujwal Nirgudkar-Chairman-SMPTE-India Section.



11th Dec 2016, 11.00 am ,Hotel Apollo Dimora, Thampanoor

PK Nair Symposium on Censorship

Keynote : Shyam Benegal

Speakers: Rakesh Sharma, Ms Pankaja Thakur (ex CEO Censor Board), Anjum Rajabali ( former member censor Board), Deepa Dhanraj, B Unnikrishnan , VC Harris, Jayan Cherian

Moderator: Dr C.S Venkitesweran


12th Dec 11.00 am,  Hotel Apollo Dimora, Thampanoor

Celebrating 50 years: The Cinema of Adoor Gopalakrishnan 

Keynote : M. K Raghavendra

Speakers:Uma Da Cunha, Mehelli Modi, Saibal Chatterji, Dr Gopinath, Meena T. Pillai

Moderator: J Geetha

Release of Book by Harper Collins: Face-to-Face: The Cinema of Adoor Gopalakrishnan by Parthajit Barua.


13th Dec 2016 11.30 am , Hotel Apollo Dimora, Thampanoor

Prakash Magdum ( Director, National Film Archives of India) presentation on the newly formed National Film Heritage Mission and the Role of the States.


14th Dec 11.00 am , Hotel Apollo Dimora, Thampanoor

GRAFTII Seminar: 

The Myth of Low Budget Film making in the Light of the Spectacular:

Keynote : Sayeed Mirza

Participants: Madhu Ambatt, Resul Pookutty, Lenin Rajendran, KM Kamal

Moderator: VR Gopinath