Signature Film

Embrace is an attempt to represent the history and character of the most celebrated and unique cultural event of Kerala – IFFK. The film tries to capture the affect laden space of IFFK where the emergence of the event as an anchoring point of Malayali film viewing is addressed. It approaches IFFK from the vantage point of cinephilia or passion for cinema in general and Malayali cinephilia in particular. Imagined as a homage to the legendary film archivist P. K. Nair, who played an integral role in the birth of IFFK, the film travels from history to the contemporary.

Camera : Jomon Thomas
Editing, Title Graphics : Ajay Kuyiloor
Sound Design : Sreejith C V
Sound Mixing : N Harikumar
Animation : Sudheer P Y
VFX: Nidhin Ram
Colourist : Liju Prabhakar
Production: Tropical Cinema
Realization : K R Manoj