Silence a Viable Option When it Comes to Resistance: N. S. Madhavan

Thiruvananthapuram: We are intercepted by history and silence is the most viable option when it
comes to resistance, according to renowned writer N.S.Madhavan. Addressing the P.K.Nair
Colloquium on ‘Tradition of Dissent’ organized at Hotel Hycinth as a part of the 22 nd IFFK, N S
Madhavan said: “Dissent is not possible in times of oppression and citizens in the garb of supporters
are alien to the art of articulation. The time to dissent is now.”He also emphasized on the importance of
Actor Alencier Ley Lopez, who also participated, said: “I was not a born-actor. Drama was my
passion. I’m not at all a star but an actor of the street. As an actor, I have a responsibility to the
community and my medium is my body,” he said, adding: “We live in a world of intolerance.”
AmritGangar, Anup Singh and Sadanand Menon deliberated on the theme of dissent, speaking on
conflicts of unequal power, control, domination, mass media, and the cinema concept in the society.
The session dwelled deep into the ways with which people read into the dissent, and cited Guernica,
Chomsky’s permitted democracy, and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’. Veena Hariharan moderated the