Necropolis Symphony / Sinfonia da Necropole

Necropolis Symphony / Sinfonia da Necropole

Director : Juliana Rojas /  Brazil / 85 / Portugese / 2014

The routine of an inept apprentice gravedigger changes when a new employee arrives at the cemetery. Together they must locate abandoned graves, but strange events make them think about the implications of tampering with the dead.

Director and Screenplay Juliana Rojas
Producer Max Eluard DoP Flora Dias
Editor Manoela Ziggiatti
Music Marco Dutra
Sound Design Gabriela Cunha
Cast Eduardo Gomes, Luciana Paes, Hugo Villavicenzio, Paulo Jordão


  • Cinema Brazil Grand Prize
  • Gramado Film Festival
  • Janela do Recife International Film Festival