Slovenian Girl / Slovenka

Slovenian Girl / Slovenka

Dir : Damjan Kozole / 90 minutes / “Slovenia, Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina” / “Slovenianm
English” / 2009


Aleksandra Nina Ivanišin
Edo Peter Musevski
Zdravko Primož Pirnat
Vesna Maruša Kink
Grega Uroš Fürst
Alexandra’s Friend Andrej Murenc
Mile Dejan Spasić
Peter Aljoša Kovačič
Fat Musician Primož Petkovšek
Helmut Buder Ivan Godnič
Customer no. 1 Cedric B. von Sidow
Professor Aleš Valič
Bank Clerk Marjuta Slamič
Customer no. 2 Valter Dragan
English Client Philip Burt
Italian Client Danijel Malalan
Aleksandra’s mother
Aleksandra’s young brother
Maja Sever
Sven Kozole
Taxi driver Drago Milinović


Director Damjan Kozole
Screenwriters Ognjen Sviličić, Matevž Luzar, Damjan Kozole
Producer Danijel Hočevar
Coproducers Alexander Ris & Jörg Rothe, Jelena Mitrović
Anita Juka, Amra Bakšić Čamo
Production manager Matija Kozamernik
Director of photography Aleš Belak
Music by Silence
Editors Andrija Zafranović, Jurij Moškon
Production designer Maja Moravec
Costume designer Zora Stančič
Sound designer Julij Zornik
Sound mixer Martin Schinz

Best Actress (Nina Ivanišin, Mostra de Valencia
Best Actress (Nina Ivanišin, Les Arcs EFF 2009)

After spending her adolescence in small-town Slovenia, at twenty-three English student Alexandra is grateful for the anonymity of Ljubljana and knows just what to do with it. Styling herself into a call girl, she sells her soul in exchange for a luxury penthouse from where she watches the world pass by. But her isolated existence is thrown into chaos when one of her clients dies of a heart attack on her watch. All of a sudden, Alexandra is required to feel things – fear, guilt, loneliness – while the police are on the lookout for Slovenka, her workinggirl alias.

Awards: Best Actress (Nina Ivanišin) – Mostra de Valencia 2009
Best Actress (Nina Ivanišin) – Les Arcs EFF 2009
Best Actress(Nina Ivanišin), Audience Award – Cinnessonne IFF 2010


In Slovenia, classified ad newspapers come out twice a week. At least ten pages of personal ads appear, in very small print. About a thousand of these ads are placed by girls offering sex for money. Half say they are students, although many lie about their age or status. There are indeed many students among them – young women who do not look like prostitutes. None of their friends, colleagues and families could ever suspect that they have anything to do with prostitution. The story of one of these girls intrigued me the most – her greed, her frank indifference, and the unbearable lightness of her practised sex-for-money philosophy. It’s almost as if it has nothing to do with her or her body. She shifts to automatic pilot while doing her clients.

Slovenian Girl is a portrait of a desperate young woman torn by conflicting feelings about herself and the world around her. She loses her sense of reality and appreciation of her own body, all because she wants to assure herself a better life.

Damjan Kozole was born in 1964, Brežice, Slovenia (then Yugoslavia). At the age of 22 he made his debut with a low-budget film The Fatal Telephone, one of the first independent films in former Yugoslavia.

His feature film Spare Parts (2003) won a nomination for the Golden Bear at Berlin International Film Festival (IFF) in 2003. The film won several international awards and was
among candidates, selected by European Film Academy, for the best European film of that year. British film critic Peter Bradshaw wrote for the Guardian that Spare Parts was “one of the most powerful and provocative films of the year”. It has been released theatrically in around 15 countries, incl. UK and USA.

In 2004, Kozole participated in the international omnibus Visions of Europe (2004) together with 24 other European directors (among others with Fatih Akin, Sharunas Bartas, Peter Greenaway, Aki Kaurismaeki and Bela Tarr)

In 2005, a retrospective of his feature films was hosted by the American Film Institute. Films were shown in Washington (AFI Silver Springs), Chicago, New York, Boston, Cleveland, Vancouver and in Ottawa. His feature film Labour Equals Freedom (2005) premiered at Locarno IFF and was awarded the Golden Palm and Best director award at Valencia IFF in 2006.

His eighth feature film Forever (2008) premiered at Rotterdam IFF 2008, while his latest feature film, international co-production Slovenian Girl will be completed in April 2009.
Kozole is one of the most prominent Slovenian film directors. He is a voting member of the European Film Academy.

Filmography (only feature films):

– The Fatal Telephone (1987), drama
– Remington (1988), road movie
– Stereotype (1997), black comedy
– Porn Film (2000), comedy,
– Spare Parts (2003), drama,
– Visions of Europe: 25 European Directors. 25 Visions. 1 Film (2004), Slovenian
episode, short feature – Europe (5 min),
– Labour Equals Freedom (2005), black comedy,
– Forever (2008), drama,

– 2007: the Sever Prize
– 2005: the Heart of Sarajevo, Labour Equals Freedom, Sarajevo FF
– 2005: Vesna for best actor, Labour Equals Freedom, FSF Portorož
– 2005: Stop prize for actor of the year, Labour Equals Freedom, FSF Portorož
– 2003: Vesna prize for best actor, Spare Parts, FSF Celje
– 2003: Stop prize for actor of the year, Spare Parts, FSF Celje
– 2002: Best actor, Bread and Milk, IFF Valencia
– 2001: Best actor, Bread and Milk, IFF Bratislava
– 2001: Stop prize for actor of the year, Bread and Milk, FSF Portorož