Southwest / Sudoeste

Southwest / Sudoeste

Director : Eduardo Nunes / Brazil / 128 / Portugese / 2011

In a Brazilian coastal village where everything seems motionless, Clarice grasps her life in a single day, unlike those she meets and who are living this day like any other. She tries to understand her obscure reality and the destiny of the people around her.

Director Eduardo Nunes
Screenplay Eduardo Nunes, Guilherme Sarmento
Producer Helder Dacosta
DoP Mauro Pinheiro Jr.
Editor Flávio Zettel
Cast Julio Adrião, Regina Bastos, Raquel Bonfante, Mariana Lima, Victor Navega Motta


  • ABC Cinematography Award
  • ACIE Awards, Brazil
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival