Soy Nero

Soy Nero

Director: Rafi Pitts / Germany, Mexico, USA  / 2016 / Colour / 127 mins /English-Spanish

Synopsis: Two young men, 6_soy-nero_2Nero and his brother Jesus, are running in the desert to escape from the US border patrol. Nero is captured and sent back to Mexico while Jesus gets away. After several attempts, 19-year-old Nero finally manages to go beyond Mexico and make his way into the Promised Land. Jesus has settled into a new life, living with a girl named Mercedes but Nero begins to realize that as an illegal immigrant, his chances of leading a regular life will not be easy to come by. Nero decides to enlist in the U.S Army as a “Green-Card soldier. This will enable him to obtain US citizenship, once he returns from a designated front line. Pitts’s factual inspiration for the film was the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act, first introduced under George W. Bush, which allows the undocumented children of immigrants who grew up in America to earn full citizenship by serving in the U.S. military. Pitts conceived the film partly as a protest against this arduously drawn-out legal process, although the rules have been eased under Obama.

6_soy-nero_3Direction Rafi Pitts Screenplay Rafi Pitts & Razvan Radulescu
Production Thanassis Karathanos, Rita Dagher, Martin
Cinematography Christos Karamanis
Editing Danielle Anezin Music Rhys Chatham
Sound Daniel Iribarren
Cast Johnny Ortiz, Rory Cochrane, Aml Ameen, Darrel Britt-Gibson, Michael Harney, Ian Casselberry, Rosa Frausto, Alexander Frost, T.J. Linnard

Awards / Festivals

  • Bucharest IFF / Romania – Best Film Award
  • Bucharest IFF- Festival Prize, Best Film
  • Berlin IFF, Locarno FF, Miami IFF, Film Fest Gent
  • Champs-Elysees FF

Director Biography: Rafi Pitts( born in Mashad, Iran) was raised in Tehran. His Iranian mother and British father left Iran in . He then studied film and photography at the Harrow college and the Polytechnic of Central London. He moved to France in 1991, where he made his first short film during the same year. His featurefilm debut, LA CINQUIEME SAISON, was a hit on the international festival circuit. ZEMESTAN, his third feature, screened in Competition during the 2006 Berlinale.

His films include The Fifth Season (1997), It’s Winter (2006), The Hunter (2010) and 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011). Soy Nero (16) is his latest film.