Striding into the wind

Striding into the wind

Dir: Wei Shujun / China / INDIAN PREMIERE

Synopsis : Kun seems to be messing up pretty much everything: his senior year at Film school, the job on his friend’s graduation’s film and the relationship with his girlfriend. But Kun just got his driving license and with it, the cheapest second-hand car he could find: an old wreck of a Jeep Cherokee that might turn out to be the key to his wildest dreams.


Director’s Statement : The film’s original title “野马分鬃” (Yěmǎfēnzōng) isthe name of a traditional Chinese martial arts position, in which the arms are crossed before oneself in impeccable symmetry,recalling the parted mane of a galloping wild horse. The title’s English translation, “Striding into the Wind”, merely refers to the galloping of a horse. In both titles, however, the image of the wild horseperfectly reflects our young protagonist on his coming of age journey.

In some way, our protagonist’s second-hand and fraudulent car is a medium, a literal vehicle if you may, for him to grow into a thick-skinned man. We tried to demonstrate the way young people hold on as they embark on theirjourney to adulthood. By keeping a distance between the characters and the camera, which avoids the imposition of acertain subjectivity upon the audience, we wished to make our spectators’ viewing experience an active one.

The film shows that although our hero breaks the rules and opposes the status quo, he eventually comes to terms with the fact that change issimply inevitable. Impermanence is indeed the essence of things. The protagonist’s personality and his will to act are imprinted with wildness and resistance:theyare in total opposition with the rules imposed by his parents while he grows up. The tension it createsmakes things seem funny, almost absurd and, at times, sad. This is not to say that this film sheds a negative light on youth. This contradictory rebellion is actually part of a lot of people’s coming of age process. I hope that everyone can project themselves into the story and relate to the characters.

Perhaps life makes no practical sense, but the mere pursuit of “the meaning of life” is itself of great significance. If you find it, hold onto it and believe in it! Only by finding it may we save our livesfrom being ravaged by oblivion. The Rockstar Cui Jian once delivered a similar philosophy.When expressing his perception on rock and roll, he said, “I think that real rock music is the feeling of being on the road. I don’t know where I’m going. Don’t tell me where, even if I’m heading towards the wrong direction, you don’t have to tell me. Because it is only then that I’m truly being myself”.