Sudani from Nigeria

Sudani from Nigeria

Director : Zakariya / 115 / India / Malayalam / 2018


Majid, a football passionate from Malappuram , is working as a Soccer club manager in the region. Samuel, a Nigerian footballer who is recently hired by Majid is unfortunately met with a severe back injury in an accident. Having Samuel being prescribed for a two-month bed rest Majid is obliged to take him his own home promising a perfect nursing. They form an unlikely bond despite their cultural differences.


Sameer Thahir – Producer
Shyju Khalid – Producer/Cinematographer
Zakariya Kolamban Director/Scriptwriter
Muhsin Parari – scriptwriter
Noufal Abdullah – Editor
Rex Vijayan – Music
Tapas Nayak – Sound Designer
Anees Nadodi – Art Director

Director’s statement

I believe in a world without borders. The cinemas I have watched have deeply convinced me that there is not much difference between an Indian and an African or a Sri Lankan and a Danish. As long as good cinema and art survive, borders are just imaginary. Cinema makes me think and feel beyond borders of all sorts. It is perhaps the best medium that takes global human emotions to anyone who can listen and observe.

So, I prefer saying all humans are my brothers and sisters. May be they are from Japan, China, Kazakhstan, France, North Africa, Latin America or elsewhere. Cinema from different places has deeply taught me a simple thing: in spite of cultural and political differences, people all over the world are the same. They ponder over similar crises, nurse similar pains, share same feelings, delight in identical dreams and worry over the same dilemmas. We all are just humans. And cinema constantly reminds me this fact.



Soubin Shahir – Majeed
Samual Abiola Robinson – Samual
Savithri Sreedaran – Umma (Jameela)
Sarassa Balussery – Beeyumma