Symphony for Ana / Sinfonía para Ana

Symphony for Ana / Sinfonía para Ana

Director : Ernesto Ardito | Virna Molina /Argentina/119/Spanish/2017 

symphony1SYNOPSIS The film is based on the novel “Symphony for Ana” by Gaby Meik.Ana is a happy teenager in the early 1970s. Together with her best friend, Isa, they live through times of love and rebellion .But when she meets Lito, everything changes. Pressure from her friends to break up with him and fear of giving up her virginity put her in a world of doubts that lead her to seek refuge in the mysterious Camilo. Her heart is trapped between two passions, while the military dictatorship casts the shadows of death, solitude and terror over her world. Just 15 years old, Ana must fight to save her life without giving up what she most loves.

Director and Producer Ernesto Ardito ,Virna Molina
Script and Editing Ernesto Ardito , Virna Molina
Photography Fernando MolinaSound Gaspar Scheuer
Cast Isadora Ardito, RocíoPalacín, Rafael Federman, Ricky Arraga

Director and Producer Ernesto Ardito

Director  Ernesto Ardito