Thai Film Makers Scared to Criticize Current-Day Buddhism: Anucha Boonyawatana

Thiruvananthapuram: The fourth day of the International Film Festival of Kerala
heard some strong issues being raised the Meet the Directors session from its
participant directors on the style of film making adapted worldwide. The first to
comment was the Thai lady director Anucha Boonyawatanawho stated that the
film directors in her country are scared to question Buddhism in their films. She
was of the opinion that film makers make such attempts are threatened and their
films are being officially banned. “My films are collection of things of what I love. I
stand for the absolute freedom of artists,” she added.
Prashanth Vijay, the young director in the panel, pointed out that he had tried to
take his film out from the conventional film making style. An engineer turned
director, he was of the opinion that his inexperience in this field had helped him
make his “Athishayangalude Venal “unconventional.
Mahesh Narayanan, director of Takeoff, spoke about how an anecdote can be
effectively portrayed on screen. He was more concerned about the content of a
film than its form. Forms change in time, whereas content has it relevance forever
in time, he added.
I was part of both artistic and commercial films, Said Sanjib Dey, director of 3
Smoking Barrels. I was very adamant that my first film should tell the story of
North East India. I was keen in including the languages of native, six of which are
included in my movie. I failed to include the remaining 194 even then, he said.
Sabit Kurmanbekov, director of Returnee, said he represented the Kazakhstan
movie fraternity. “Returnee is a government funded movie. I tried to portray the
life of my people. The film depicts the life of people who fled from my native
place due to the socio economic crisis,” he said.