The Bed / La Cama

The Bed / La Cama

Director : Monica Lairana / 95 min / Argentina | Brazil | Netherlands | Germany / Spanish / 2018


After thirty years of living together, Jorge (60) and Mabel (59) have decided to separate. These are the last hours they will share as a couple, as a family. The house has been sold, and it must be dismantled, things either being kept or thrown out before the moving truck arrives. In the morning, Jorge and Mabel try every which way to make love, all in vain. Both of them end up crying.

For the rest of the day, confined within the house, they move furniture, eat, bathe, laugh, wrap things, doubt, suffer, laugh again, cry, look for the cat, play with the dog, and in  a turbulent stream of emotions, they say good-bye to each other.


Written and directed by Mónica Lairana
Executive producers: Adriana Yurcovich, Ana Alice de Morais
Producers: Mónica Lairana, Adriana Yurcovich, Paulo Pécora, Gema Juárez Allen
Co-producers:  Ingmar Trost, Ana Alice de Morais, Frans Van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings.
Production companies:  Rioabajo Productions, Gema Films, Sutor Kolonko, 3 Moinhos, Topkapi Films
Cinematography : Flavio Dragoset
Art director : Maru Tomé, Renata Gelosi
Editor:  Eduardo Serrano
Sound director: Germán Chiodi
Sound postproduction: Manuel de Andrés, Juan Sebastián Pappalardo.

Cast : Sandra Sandrini ,Alejo Mango