The Black Jew / Karutha Joodhan

Karutha Joodhan / The Black Jew

Director: Salimkumar /India/120/Malayalam/2016

0W3A2404Synopsis The film ‘The Black Jew’ deals with the Jewish history in Kerala of 2000 years, mixed with the protagonist’s autobiography. The protagonist shown in the film is Mr.Aaron Eliyahu, a Jew from the village of Mala. This film reminds one of the strong  friendship of the Muslim Beerankunj and the Jew Aaron. It highlights the importance of the demolition of ancient memorials and restructuring new ones on them for the heirs of a new world. Above all the film sheds light on the impact created by Palestine – Israel conflict on the village of Mala in India. Aaron Eliyahu travels in search of the roots of the Jew tradition of 2000 years in India. In the midst of his search the news of his death in a motor accident spreads. Independent Israel calls for the return of all the Jews to Israel from all over the world. Obeying the command of the Jewish chief, Veronica; the mother of Aaron, entrusts all her property with the Panchayath and she leaves for Israel One night Aron returns to Mala, to his embarrassment, he sees his own house converted into Mala Postal Office and the natives are enjoying his property. The film ‘The Black Jew’ reveals the unexpected happenings passing through the three generations of Aaron and Beerankunj.

Written & Directed by  Salim Kumar
Produced by  Salim Kumar  & Madhavan Chettikal
Director of Photography  Sreejith Vijayan
Editor  Premsai
Sound Designer  Ganesh K Marar
Music  B R Bijuram
Art Director  Davinci Suresh
Lyrics  Swami Samvid Anand
Costume Designer  Razak Thiroor
Cast  Salim Kumar , Babu Annur , Ramesh Pisharedy , Usha , Sivaji Guruvayoor


  • 47th Kerala State Film Award for Best Story


Director Salim Kumar

Director Salim Kumar

The film narrates the decimation of the Jewish community and its history in Mala, a small village in Thrissur District in Kerala, through the life of Aron Ilyahu, a member of a prosperous Jewish family.