The debate of commercial  v/s art cinema is never-ending: Open Forum

The categorization of films into commercial and art cinema is a subject of never-ending debate, said prominent film critic V.K.Joseph. He was speaking on the occasion of the fifth Open Forum session which was held at the 24th International Film Festival at Tagore.

The debate, which centred around “Changing Landscapes in Malayalam Cinema” hosted director Manoj Kana (‘Kenjira’), Shobhana P.K, SanthoshBabusenan, B.P Ramachandran, Priyanandan,  Manilal and moderator Cheriyan Joseph.

Director Manoj Kana expressed great happiness that a film like ‘Kenjira’ could be screened at the IFFK. He spoke on the need to recognize languages as the voice of the people who speak them, as his own film is shot in the Paniya tribal language.

V.K Joseph also added that films should change with the times and that it was essential for filmmaking to adhere to modern day ideals. Independent cinema should be made to reflect real life and not be compromised for the sake of profits.



Veteran Argentinean director Fernando Solanas opened up about art and the difficulties he faced during the initial stages of career. He conducted a lecture during the G.Aravindan memorial seminar at Nila theatre. Solanas described the struggle of producing his first two films. Censorship imposed by the argentinian government in the late 60s prevented film makers from showcasing the art of cinema .

Directors did not have enough freedom to make films true to their own vision. It was extremely hard to book screens for projecting movies. To overcome this, directors would show films at labour party offices and in the privacy of their homes. Solanas mentioned that he tried to depict the life of common people through his films. Audience were so keen to watch films that they even travelled 400-500 km to watch films.

Director Sunny Joseph shared his memories on the pioneer of parallel cinema, G.Aravindan. A tribute to Solanas,  ‘Only Lights Will Be Seen (IniVelichamMaathram), written by C.S Venkiteswaran  was released at the function. The first copy was handed over to Solanas by Director AdoorGopalakrishnan. Kerala Chalachithra Academy Vice Chairperson Beena Paul presided  the section.