The Golden Glove / Der Goldene Handschuh

The Golden Glove	/	Der Goldene Handschuh

Dir : Fatih Akin / 115 mins / Germany,France / German,Greek / 2019


Hamburg-St.Pauli in the 1970s: At first glance, Fritz «Fiete» Honka is a pitiful loser. The man with the broken face carouses through his nights in the neighborhood dive, the «Golden Glove», chasing after lonely women. None of the regulars suspect that the apparently harmless Fiete is actually a monster. Fatih Akin’s horror film THE GOLDEN GLOVE is based on a true story and the novel of the same name by Heinz Strunk. It tells the story of Fritz Honka, a man who murdered numerous women, and his favorite bar, the «Golden Glove», where schmaltzy German songs move the boozy bar hounds to tears and drinking is a reflex against pain and longing.