The Graveless

The Graveless

Director : Mostafa Sayyari / 74 min / Iran / Persian / 2018


To fulfil the last will of their recently departed father, three brothers, joined by their only sister, drive to a village in the middle of nowhere where he asked to be buried. The heat and the long journey make the experience unbearable, especially when the body begins to rot. This is the time for the eldest brother, exhausted and angry, to vent out the long- unspoken grudge against the youngest brother who has looked after the father for years.


Writers: Behnam Abedi, Mostafa Sayari, Hamed Hosseini Sangari
Director of Photography: Hamed Hosseini Sangari
Editor : Hayedeh Safiyari
Music: Bamdad Afshar
Sound recorder: Mohammad Kianarsi
Sound Designer and Mixer: Ensiyeh Maleki
Production Manager: Masoud Daliri
Investor : Farhang Film Tehran
Producer: Abbas Amoori

Director ‘s comment

Regarding our audience as clever, we wanted the film to speak for itself. Trying to avoid a long- winded narrative style, we decided to provide information in a way that wouldn ’ t jeopardize the structure and the dramatic mood of the film. We also tried not to get stylistically carried away and matched the edit and mise-en – sc ène according to the script’s atmosphere. All in all, we wanted to portray a classic theme, but from the perspective of a director and writer who live in 2018. The other important point was our effort to create magical moments, not surreal ones. For this purpose, we made the most of various elements such as character, drama, mise- en -sc ène, light, time, edit and graphics. The script ’s main concept revolves around the connection between childhood situations and events, and the impact they have on adulthood. We strove for a native story and native characters, that is, we wanted to base the story and characters on Iranian culture, and particularly the role of the father figure in Iran, so the audience could easily recognize and sympathize with them in their unconscious. In general, our aim was to make the film as original as possible.


Nader Fallah
Elham Korda
Majid Aghakarimi
Vahid Rad
Mohammad Rabbani