The Last Mural / Chitrokar

The Last Mural / Chitrokar

Director : Saibal Mitra  / India / 2016 / 127 min / Bengali

chitrokar3Synopsis The creative eye goes deeper than the mechanics of eyesight. Blind painter Bijon Bose spent much of his life inspiring students by bringing stories to life through his paintings and idealism. His life is interrupted by a proposal to create a mural for an exclusive restaurant in the city of Kolkata, a journey that brings young strong-minded painter Tithi into his life. Their relationship unfolds through the lines of the mural, as they struggle between generations and life philosophies. Bijon’s once clear lines of artistic integrity are troubled by Tithi’s realism, as he grapples with his role and responsibility towards the life of his work beyond the brush.

chitrokar1Director & Script Writer Saibal Mitra
Producer Pranab Kanti Purkayastha
Cinematographer Asoke Dasgupta
Editor Sumit Ghosh
Sound Designer & Mixer Anup Mukherjee
Music Pt. Tejendra Narayan Majumdar
Cast Dhritiman Chaterji, Arpita Chatterjee, Arun Mukherjee, Mrinal Dey, Pradip Kumar Ray, Debdoot Ghosh, Subhrajit Dutta, Srovonti Basu, Anindo Banerjee, Pranab Purkayastha

Bijon’s blindness never stopped him from creating beauty. And now he is asked to see the world around him more clearly than ever before. For whom does a painter paint? For those who can pay? When a mural and the painter that created it start being a commodity? Chitrakar, presents this tension between Art & Market.

chitrokardirSaibal Mitra is working in Bengal Film Industry since 1977. He Started career as Assistant Director, worked with major film directors of Bengal like Goutam Ghosh & with Ronald Joffe (Hollywood). He is making television series, Documentaries, Ad films, corporate films since 1986. In the year 2000 he won BFJA Best Director award (Documentary). His First Feature film “SONGSOY” (The Dilemma) was selected in Indian Panorama 2006. His films were shown in Mumbai International Film Festival of Documentaries & Shorts, Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival, Kolkata Film Festival, International Film Festival of India, Goa 2006, India Festival 2007 Brussels. Saibal had made 4 Feature films, 16 shorts and Documentaries.



Feature Film
1. Songshoy (The Dilemma) Bengali 2005 (Selected for Indian Panorama 2006, IFFI)
2. Hononkal (Deadly Times) Bengali 2010
3. Sajarur Kanta (The Porcupine Man) Bengali 2015
4. Chitrokar (The Last Mural) Bengali 2016

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT The film Chitrokar (The last Mural) deals with my frustration for working in a market driven atmosphere of art world. Here I feel whatever sells is considered as good Art. Pressure of popular culture driven attitude of sponsors/financiers makes me feel suffocated. Art is born from Artists’ hearts & minds and not from marketing policies of the sponsors.