The Last of Us / Akher Wahed Fina

The Last of Us / Akher Wahed Fina

Director : Ala Eddine Slim / Tunisia | Qatar | United Arab Emirates | Lebanon / 95 /  No dialogue / 2016

N is a young sub-Saharan man who crosses the desert in order to reach North Africa and be smuggled into Europe. After being a victim to a hold-up, he finds himself alone in Tunisia. He therefore decides to cross the sea all by himself towards a European country. He steals a small boat and embarks on his crossing journey. However, the boat breaks down in the middle of the sea, and N goes henceforth through a special and unique journey. He travels to different, infinite spaces, makes ephemeral yet intense encounters, and meets an altered image of himself.

Director, Screenplay and Editor Ala Eddine Slim
Producer Mohamed Ismail Louati, Kamel Laaridhi , Chawki Knis, Ala Eddine Slim
DoP Amine Messadi
Music Tarek Louati
Cast Jawhar Soudani, Fathi Akkari & Jihed Fourti

Awards/ Festivals
Venice Film Festival
Black Movie Film Festival,Milwaukee Film Festival