The Man who bought the moon / L’uomo Che Comprò La Luna

The Man who bought the moon / L'uomo Che Comprò La Luna

Director : Paolo Zucca / 105 min / Italy, Albania, Argentina


An unbeliaveble news spreads around all intelligence agencies in the world – A man living in Serdinia is the real owner of the moon. All governments in the world began to claim their rights on the moon. They decide to despatch a Sardinia born secret agent into the island. He is getting private lessons to learn what it is to be a Serdinian.

Director Paolo Zucca
Screenplay Paolo Zucca, Barabara Alberti, Geppi Cucciari
Producers Amendo Pagani, Nicola Giuliano, Daniel Burman, Genc Permeti
DoP  Ramiro Civita
Editor Sarah Mc Teigue
Music Andrea Guerra

Jacopo Cullin, Stefano Fresi