Marrupakkam / The Other Side

Marrupakkam / The Other Side


Director : K. S. Sethumadhavan / India / 1991 / Colour / 80 mins / Tamil
3_marrupakkamSynopsis : The film revolves around Ambi, a young man in his early thirties. Ambi arrives in Kumbakonam from Delhi to see
his ailing father, Vembu Iyer (Sivakumar). His father, an orthodox religious scholar, revered for his knowledge in vedic studies, is now ill, having only his memories to accompany him. The state of his father is a shock to Ambi. The two fell out over Ambi’s love and subsequent marriage to a Christian girl Sweetie in Delhi. Barely able to recognise his son now, Vembu Iyer ponders in total silence, as Janaki (Jayabharathi), Ambi’s mother, shares with her son what has happened since he left for Delhi. Marupakkam (The Other Side) (1990) is an award-winning drama feature film based on Tamil novel, Uchi Veyyil written by Indira Parthasarathy. At the 38th National Film Awards, it won 3 National Film Awards, including the Golden Lotus Award for Best Film, making it the first Tamil film to win the award.

Direction KS Sethumadhavan
Production Indira Parthasarathy
Music L. Vaidyanathan
Cinematography D. Vasanth Kumar
Editing G. Venkitaraman
Cast Sivakumar, Jayabharathi, Radha, Sekhar


  • National Film Awards (India)
  • Golden Lotus – National Film Award for Best Feature Film
  • Silver Lotus – National Film Award for Best Screenplay
  • Silver Lotus – Special Jury Award / Special Mention