The Quilt / Lihaaf

The Quilt / Lihaaf

Dir : Rahat Kazmi / India / 84 minutes / Hindi / 2019


Lihaaf is adapted from a widely anthologised story written in 1942 by Ismat Chughtai, a well know Muslim woman writer of the 20th century. When a young Ismat is left to stay at the Begum’s house, she realises, there lie many secrets with her. At night the great shadows formed by the quilt of Begum and her odd behaviour in the absence of Rabbo, bring to light their hidden relationship, traumatising young Ismat.

Director biography and filmography:

Rahat Kazmi was born in Jammu and Kashmir state of Indian side in 1980 to a family of sufi poets. Rahat’s flair for Urdu poetry and storytelling brought him in film line. Rahat started his career by writing and directing for local doordarshan channel of Jammu and later he shifted to Mumbai and started a serial “Tamanna” in 2002-3 for DD Metro Later Rahat joined ETV Urdu channel and worked as in house director for almost three years and directed almost 300 episodes of different programmes for ETV URDU channel. Rahat Kazmi started his film career as a writer and director with his debut feature film title “DEKH RE DEKH” (2009). Rahat started his in house production banner by the name of Rahat Kazmi Films.

His films are DEKH RE DEKH (2009), IMPATIENT VIVEK (2010), IDENTITY CARD (2014), MANTOSTAAN (2017).


Producers – Namita Lal, Marc Baschet, Tariq Khan
Scriptwriter – Rahat Kazmi, Sonal Sehgal
Cinematographer – Luxmi Chand
Editor – Golda Sellam, Sandeep S Bajeli
Music – Naresh Kamath


Tannistha Chatterjee, Anushka Sen, Sonal Sehhgal, Virendra Saxena, Namita Lal, Shoib Nikash Shan, Mir Sarwar