The River / Ozen

The River / Ozen


Venice International Film Festival, Toronto International Film festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Director : Emir Baigazin / 108 min / Kazakhstan | Poland | Norway /

Aslan, the eldest son of a farmer in Kazakh village is entrusted to look after his four brothers and assigns tasks for them in their farm chores. He takes them to a nearby river for a swim for moments of deep respite and happiness. Their lives take an unexpected turn when Kanat, an estranged cousin, unexpectedly arrives at the village and the mundane life of the family begins to fall apart for good.

Director, Screenplay, producer, DoP and Editor Emir Baigazin
Music Justyna Banaszczyk
Sound Design Filip Krzemien

Zhalgas Klanov, Zhasulan Userbayev, Ruslan Userbayev, Eric Tazabekov