The Road to Mandalay

The Road to Mandalay

Director: Midi Z / Taiwan, Myanmar, France, Germany / 2016 / Colour / 108 mins /English-Chinese-Thai Burmese

7_the-road-to-mandalay_1Filmed in a fascinating visual style,’ The Road to Mandalay’is a powerful and tragic love story which follows the disturbing life of two illegal immigrants on a journey from Myanmar to Thailand.

A rundown truck , transporting its “illegal” human cargo under cover of night has on board Guo , a kind and honest young man who doesn’t think of himself as an illegal immigrant, as he has no intention of staying in Thailand. Lianqing, beautiful and stubborn is determined to leave poverty behind for a better, brighter future . But her lack of
working papers makes her feel fragile and insecure, vulnerable to exploitation at the mercy of unscrupulous employers. Even though she escapes the borderlands where her virginity is considered a precious saleable good, she will find that things are no better in the bustling cities of Thailand. The road ahead of Guo and Lianqing is a difficult one, and they will have to endure terrible hardships if they are to have a life together.

Millions of Burmese migrants have crossed their country’s border into Thailand in recent years, looking for work and fleeing civil war.

7_the-road-to-mandalay_2Direction Midi Z
Producer Midi Z, Vincent Wang, Dominique Welinski, Lin Sheng-Wen, Patrick Mao Huang
Cinematography Fan Sheng-Siang
Editing Matthieu Laclau
Cast Kai Ko, Wu Ke-Xi



Awards / Festivals

  • Venice – Fedeora Prize for Best Film, Toronto IFF
  • Vancouver IFF, Busan IFF, Mumbai IFF, Sao Paulo IFF

About the filmmaker

Midi Z was Born in Lashio, Burma (now Myanmar), Midi Z is currently settled in Taiwan. His filmography includes ‘Return To Burma (2011), Poor Folk (2012), and Ice Poison (2014). He has also directed documentaries ‘Jade Miners (2015) and City Of Jade (16). The Road To Mandalay (2016) is his most recent film.