The Soul of Darkness / Iruttinte Athmavu

The Soul of Darkness / Iruttinte Athmavu

Dir : P. Bhaskaran / India / 147 minutes / Malayalam / 1967


The story is all about Velayuthan. He is mentally retarded and belongs to a rich joint family. He is gentle, affectionate person who can’t harm anyone. But the family feels it is a curse that has fallen on the family and is very ashamed of him. He is treated as mentally ill and almost confined to a dark room. He has an uncle whose daughter feels he is not a mad man and shows a lot of affection and care towards him. But he always gets into problems because of his ignorance and finally he has to be chained. Ammukutty , his uncle’s daughter was not allowed to marry him and they get her married to a widower. When she too called him mad he broke down and yelled ” Yes ! I’m mad! Please chain me!”


National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues

Director’s Biography and Filmography:

P Bhaskaran was one of the most prolific filmmakers in Malayalam. In a career spanning more than three decades, he wrote thousands of songs, produced several books of poetry and directed more than 40 films. P. Bhaskaran’s debut as a lyricist was for a Tamil film. He wrote the Malayalam lines for a multi-lingual song in film Apurva Sahodarangal (1949). The first Malayalam film song for which he wrote lyrics was for the film Chandrika (1950). In 1954, Bhaskaran along with Ramu Kariat directed the film Neelakkuyil. The movie is regarded as ushering in social realism in Malayalam cinema. It got the President’s Silver Medal, first ever national recognition for a Malayalam film. Two years later, he made his first solo work, titled Rarichan Enna Pouran. His films Adyakiranangal (1964), Iruttinte Athmavu (1969), and Thurakkatha Vathil (1971) went on to win National Film Awards for various categories. He also directed several documentaries including the award-winning Vallathol. For his great contributions to Malayalam cinema, he was awarded J. C. Daniel Award by the Government of Kerala.


Producer – P. I. Muhammed Kasim
Scriptwriter – M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Music – M. S. Baburaj
Cinematographer – E. N. Balakrishnan
Editor – G. Venkitaraman Das


Prem Nazir, Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, P. J. Antony, M. S. Nampoothiri, T. S. Muthaiah, K. Balaji, Sankaradi, Adoor Bhasi, Kaduvakulam Antony, Baby Rajani, Sarada, Ushakumari/Vennira Aadai Nirmala, Kozhikode Shantha Devi, Philomina, Padmini, Shobha, Seleena, Rugmini