The Summer of Miracles / Athisayangalude Venal

Athisayangalude Venal / The Summer of Miracles

Director : Prasanth Vijay /India/116/Malayalam/2017

330399Synopsis When a nine year old boy’s obsession to become invisible gets out of hand, his family decides to intervene. Although it seems to solve the immediate problem, their tactic pushes the boy further into a world of his imagination. Adding to his confusion is the arrival of his teenage cousin who seems to have a secret of her own. It is an eventful summer vacation where each one’s fantasy world would collide with reality and leave them scarred.

Director Prasanth Vijay
Screenplay AnishPallyal, Prasanth Vijay
Producer Nikhil Narendran
DoP AmithSurendran, Udhaii Thangavel
Editor Jiji P Joseph
Music Basil CJ
Sound Design Krishnanunni T, Sandeep Madhavam, Jiji P Joseph
Cast Chandra Kiran G K, Reina Maria, Arya Manikandan, Jeet Minifence Richin Thomas

Director Prasanth Vijay

Director Prasanth Vijay

The core idea of the film – a boy with a fertile imagination coping with grief and letting go – came from my co-writer Anish Pallyal who is a practicing psychiatrist and the father of a young boy. The ability to become invisible at will, I believe, is a very common boyhood fantasy. It probably originates from popular culture with its many invisible heroes fighting evil. It could also be from innate curiosity and the natural voyeuristic tendencies which intensify towards adolescence. Many memories I have of childhood is of being powerless and finding myself at the receiving end. One is so vulnerable and easily manipulated by the people around, all of whom would pose as mentors and have diverse and contradictory beliefs and agendas. For our protagonist, attaining invisibility is an attempt to bring some balance of power in this unfair world. He also has a deeper emotional need, which in turn is my exploration of the father-son relationship. We all start out hero-worshiping our fathers. But at some age, they cease to be cool and we start to question their superiority. I wanted to express this contrast through the two sons. Through the girl’s story, we wanted to explore the idea of invisibility from another angle, that of an online stalker.

For me this film is the continuation of an experiment which I had begun with my earlier short film, on how to tell a story with the minimum use of conventional cinematic tropes. Another attempt here was limiting exposition to the viewers and leaving loose ends, thus urging them to work out the connections themselves.