The Swaying Waterlily

The Swaying Waterlily

Director : Seren Yüce / Germany, Turkey / 108 / Turkish / 2016

Handan and Korhan a middle-aged couple who live their lives in one of istanbul’s best neighborhoods. Handan constantly invents things for herself in order to fill her life. Handan, imitates her friend Sermin and starts writing! But this desire, which is innocent in the first place, will become jealous over time and diverge in different ways.

Director and Screenplay Seren Yuce
Producer Sevil Semirci, Ozgur Dogan
DoP Bariz Ozbicer
Editor Mary Stephen
Music Gokce Akcelik
Cast Sezin Bozaki , Ocal Cetin, Beyhen Guclu

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Nuremberg Film Festival ‘Turkey-Germany’