The Tetrahedron / Prathibhasam

The Tetrahedron / Prathibhasam

Director : Vipin Vijay / 158 mins / 2017


Maya the protagonist, on her way to the college, hears a radio news of a strange geometrical figure with the shape of a ‘tetrahedron’ that appears from nowhere besides the Nazca lines in Peru. In the mean time, Maya’s friend Divya’s father, Neelan, goes missing. Few days later he is found from a distant land with signatures of pre-historic habitats around the place. Maya meets a few people from distant lands, of different races, roaming around a desolated architecture. Are they humanoid creatures? By the end of the film, through a dream passage that connects both Maya and Divya, we get to know about the disappearance of Maya.

Director – vipin Vijay
Producer – Box Office Cinema India Pvt. Ltd.
Scriptwriters – Vipin Vijay, Debkamal Ganguly, Yama
Cinematographer – Manoj Narayanan
Editor – Anu George
Music – Tilo Burdach, Antonio Ferreira
Sound Designer – Sandeep Sreedharan
Art Director – Arindam Sarker

Athira L P – Maya
Munshi Baiju – Neelan
Kani Kusruti – Divya
Pradeep S – Parameswaran