The Unripe Lemon / Kachcha Limbu

Kachcha Limbu / The Unripe Lemon

Director : Prasad Oak /India/116/Marathi/2017



SYNOPSIS KACHCHA LIMBU is based on a Marathi novel by Jaywant Dalvi. The film portrays the world of Mr. and Mrs. Katdare and their mentally retarded child. Taking place in 1980s, Mr. Katdare works in telegraph office in perpetual night shifts and his wife Shailaja works in a private firm. Their son Bachchu is now 16 years old and his sexuality is a concern for his parents, especially Shailaja.


Directed by  Prasad Oak
Written by  Chinmay Mandlekar
Produced by  Mandarr Devsthali
Director of Photography  Amalendu Choudhary
Editor  Jayant Jathar
Sound Designer  Kartik Kulkarni, Aditya J. Yadav, Anmol Bhave
Animation  Amey Gosavi
Cast  Ravi Jadhav , Sonali Kulkarni , Manmeet Pem , Sachin K , Anantha M


Director  Prasad Oak

Director Prasad Oak


I came to Mumbai 20 years ago with a dream to become a director. But was entwined with work as an actor all these years. I have acted in 80 TV serials, 70 films and 25 dramas.
It felt recently that I should now realise my dream and that desire was fulfilled with KACHCHA LIMBU, my first attempt at direction! A child with special needs, his parents and circumstances around their lives! KACHCHA LIMBU is a reflection of this family. It is a daunting task to raise a child with special needs, as it has always been. His parents face a great deal of difficulties in raising this child. They have ill thoughts about it too! This family has to cope with it and prevail through it. I chose to shoot this film in black-and-white to sketch a colourless and tasteless life parents because of this child. KACHCHA LIMBU is 1st black-and-white Marathi film in 30 years.
I received great love, praise and respect as an actor and I hope you all will appreciate my first film as a director too!
I’ll love this film more if you all do!”
An experience by…
– Prasad Oak