The Wayfarers / Raahgir

The Wayfarers / Raahgir

Dir: Goutam Ghose / 85 mins / India / Hindi / 2019


In the rugged beauty of the undulating terrain of Jharkhand we pick out two people who represent the poverty and deprivation of the people who live here – Nathuni and Lakhua – on their way to the nearest town, prompted by the urgent need for work.

Nathuni has left behind a paralytic husband and two children at home. Lakhua is a loner, but perpetually on the fringes of survival. Simple narratives of a woman who has to work doubly hard to feed her family; and of a man who, orphaned early in life, has flitted from one job to another, without the roots to hold him down to home and hearth.

On the way, they encounter Chopatlal, the driver of a motorized make-shift van, in which he is carrying a poverty-stricken and dying old couple to the town hospital. His ramshackle vehicle gets stuck in the mud. No one helps him, till the two come to his rescue.

Humanity prevails, endangering their own position and livelihood, as the two along with Chopatlal journey on through a muddy track and the highway rush, till they reach the hospital in time to save the dying couple. The Doctor assures them that they have brought the dying couple in the nick of time. Chopatlal goes his own way, while Nathuni and Lakhua go in search of work.

They are late for the shift, but are assured of work if they arrive at dawn. They arrive at the appointed time, and get employment too. After work, the two part company. Apart from the little money they have earned, their larger satisfaction is that they have saved the lives of two marginal and dying old people.


Born in Calcutta in 1950, Goutam Ghose is a world famous film maker from India.
Ghose has, since 1973, made significant feature films and documentaries bringing him international recognition.
Ghose has won 16 National Awards and International Awards like Silver Balloon Award, Nantes Film Festival, UNESCO Award, Cannes Film Festival, Grand Prix -Golden Semurg, Tashkent, UNESCO Award, Venice, Fipresci Awards, Red Cross Award, Verna Film Festival, The Golden Peacock,IFFI.
Ghose is the only Indian to win the coveted Vittorio De Sica Award. He was awarded the Knighthood of the Star of the Italian Solidarity in July 2006.


The film is a journey of ordinary people in cinematic time and space to reveal the true face of humanity in today’s selfish world. The journey in Raahgir (The Wayfarers) is a sacrifice to your memory. A travel of love and compassion.

The film is a journey of ordinary people in cinematic time and space revealing the true face of Humanity.

The film explores the human feelings and the camaraderie of the poor, who can easily surrender their own fragile existence to save another human life. The indomitable spirit that can enthuse even the marginalised lies at the core of this story which describes another India, which remains hidden deep in the recesses of this vast sub-continent.