Tribute to Mrinal Sen and Girish Karnad

The 24th International Film Festival of Kerala pays homage to the renowned filmmakers Mrinal Sen and Girish Karnad. Mrinal Sen’s film ”Interview’ and Karnad’s film ‘Samskara’ are being screened at the IFFK in the Homage category.

Film critic Pradeep Biswas spoke in memory of Mrinal Sen. He shared his experiences of the 57 years he spent in the film industry with Mrinal Sen. He spoke about the life and politics of Sen in his 28 films and 2 documentaries. He highlighted Sen’s focus on the marginalised and oppressed people of India as a strong undercurrent in his films. Biswas also spoke of Girish Karnad as a filmmaker of great diversity.

A letter written in 1991 by Sen to his friend and cinematographer K K Mahajan was read out by Mahajan’s wife Prabha Mahajan. Film critic I Shanmughadas elaborated on the life and works of Girish Karnad.  He talked about his contributions to various fields, including his mastery of acting, drama and filmmaking.

Madhuja Janardhanan’s book on Girish Karnad was released by Pradeep Biswas to Shanmughadas. Chalachitra Academy Chairman Kamal, Vice-Chairperson Beena Paul and Deputy Director H. Shaji were also presented in the function.




Deploying Chinese tech to restore films: Seminar Held


The fourth day of the 24th International Film Festival if Kerala (IFFK) hosted a seminar on Modern Chinese film and Film Restoration Technologies. The seminar organised by Chinese delegates at the festival, had Xing Xinyan, the head of the Chinese delegation, delivering a lecture on the necessity of film restoration, timely film restoration and its derivative values.

Xinyan was accompanied by Zhang Song, Fu Jing Sheng, Xie Fie and Liu Jiun. The delegates displayed several restored classical films of international superstars, such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Damaged films with limited production value were restored to their original glory, the delegates said. Clarity was increased and colour correction was done. The delegates asserted that black and white films could also be restored. The restored films were available in 2K and 4K formats.

The Chinese delegation extended their fullest support to helping preserve India’s cinematic legacy, especially Malayalam films.

Chalachitra Academy Vice-Chairperson Bina Paul and Secretary Mahesh Panchu also attended the seminar.

Cinema is not story-telling: Open Forum

‘Cinema is not a medium for story telling. It is about giving the audience a cinematic experience and conveying a concept.’, said director Krishnand at the open forum held at Tagore. He emphasised on the advantages of technological advancements. And pointed out that technology only adds to the quality of cinema. It is the content that matters; not technique.

To adjust and accommodate the rising evolution in digitalisation is a serious challenge to filmmakers. The audience expects every cinema to give them a new experience. This hope is what challenges old and new filmmakers alike. Ansar Sha animatedly spoke about the latest developments in cinematography and gave the audience his view on how it all enhances the whole experience of cinema.

Besides Krishnand, Director Fahim Irshaad (Aani Maani), and cinematographer Ansar Sha (Ishq) also participated in the session. The forum was moderated by Damodar Prasad.