Tuyas Marriage / Tu ya de hun shi

Tuyas Marriage / Tu ya de hun shi

Dir: Wang Quan’an / China / 86 / Mandarin / 2006
The film depicts life in Inner Mongolia, in a region where desertification is making life hard for sheep herders. It tells the story of Tuya and her husband, who agree to divorce in the hope of finding a husband who will be prepared to look after both of them and their children.


  • Golden Bear – Berlin Film Festival – 2007
  • 8th Chinese Film Media Awards for Best Film and Best Actress from Southern Metropolis Daily

Cast and Crew

Directed by Wang Quan’an
Produced by Yan Ju Gang
Written by Wang Quan’an/Lu Wei
Cinematography – Lutz Reitemeier
Distributed by China Film Group
Edited by Wang Quan’an
Cast: Yu Nan, Bater, Senge, Peng Hongxiang, Zhaya