Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Director: Maurice Pialat / France / 158 mins

6_van-gogh_2 Synopsis : At the end of spring 1890, Vincent van Gogh seeks
asylum from Dr Gachet, a known friend to artists. Van Gogh draws closer to Gachet and his beautiful daughter Marguerite and is keen to portray the educated doctor and his sensitive daughter as the most destitute and ignorant of rustics. Although he quickly becomes
established in the usually quiet town and countryside from where he draws imagination, his rapidly deteriorating mental condition  complicates his inflexible existence and the lives of those around him. The situation is worsened by the arrival of Theo, van Gogh’s younger brother, who recently married. His wife Johanna and an insignificant Parisian prostitute become two more fateful women in the life of a painter who covers a new canvas daily in the dark reflections of his tortured soul. Van Gogh heads inexorably toward the suicidal tragedy that ended his days. He left behind not only artistic works but also people who recognized his human legacy.

6_van-gogh_3Direction Maurice Pialat
Production Les films du Livradois, Koprodukce
Cinematography Gilles Henry, Emmanuel Machuel Editing Yann Dedet, Nathalie Hubert, Helene Viard
Music Andre Bernot, J. M. Bourget, Jacques Dutronc, P.
Cast Jacques Dutronc, Alexandra London, Bernard le Coq, Gerard Sety, Corinne Bourdon, Elsa Zylberstein, Claudine Ducret


Awards / Festivals

  • Canne FF