Village Rockstars

Village Rockstars

Director : Rima Das /India/87/Assamese/2017

village rockstars1SYNOPSIS Dhunu a 10 years old girl lives in a remote village in Assam, India amidst raging deprivation.Dhunu is a girl who considers herself as capable as boys her age. She and the gangs of boys want to form a rock band. But later the boys slowly stop pursuing their dream, whereas Dhunu continues dreaming to own a guitar. Her unconventional and nonconformist mother raises her with steadfast determination and encouraging her to fulfill her dreams. After her father’s death her mother taking all the responsibilities realizes that it is important that a girl should be qualify herself.Her living conditions are attacked bythe societal restrictions that assail her from the day she reaches puberty.

Director, Writer Producer and DOP Rima Das
Editor Rima Das
Sound Design Amrit Pritam
Cast Banita Das, Basanti Das, Boloram Das, Rinku Das, Bishnu Kalita


  • Golden Gateway of India for Best Film,
    OXFAM Award for Best Film on Gender Equality,
    Young Critics Choice Award-Mumbai Film Festival 2017


Director Rima Das

Director Rima Das

I grew up in a remote village called Chhaygaon in the remote state of Assam in India. Life back then was harsh. It continues to be so today.
‘Village Rockstars’ is my tribute to the place, the people, where I come from. My entire artists are non-actors who are villagers and Children. This film is about them, their lives and dreams. Living in deprivation, this film is about joy, hopes, vision and happiness.

Three years back, while shooting for my first film ‘Man With The Binoculars’ which I also shot in my village, I came in regular touch with these village kids and decided to tell their story, which was also my story.
When I look back on these rich experiences, I am awed by the activities that kids have to perform, something not even in the field of imaginings of urban kids.
Everything has been shot under real conditions, the rains and the activities of the young girl Dhunu and the band of boys she hangs out with and their mischiefs, were shot in real rains and floods.
I also wanted to tell the story of a young girl who considers herself as capable as boys her age, how her unconventional and nonconformist mother raises her with steadfast determination, giving her full freedom of expression and encouraging her to fulfill her dreams. But is it enough? Will she continue doing so when Dhunu grows up?

Village Rockstars is an unconventional story of an unconventional place amidst a family that is unconventional in its milieu.

I began shooting this, alongside my first film. Since there was no fund I completed shooting entirely on my own from camera, to direction and production .My cousin Mallika and the children acted in the film helped me throughout. The children long for my arrival, as I shunt between Mumbai & my village Chhaygaon. They race up to take note of the next days Shooting schedule and there are times, when they would drag me from bed to catch the first light of sunrise!