White Bridge / Pol-e-Sefid

White Bridge / Pol-e-Sefid

Director : Ali Ghavitan /Iran/80/ Farsi/ 2017

Screening: 10-Dec 8:30 PM Kailrali | 12 Dec 12:00 PM Dhanya | 14 Dec 11:30 AM Tagore

white shadow

SYNOPSIS Bahareh gets disabled in an accident just a few months after the start of the school year. According to the Ministry of Education, she must continue her education in special school. Bahareh refuses to go to special school and tries to convince her former school to accept her. However, existing laws prevent the return of Bahareh to the regular school and she remains suspended. Bahareh and her mother fight to solve this problem.

Director,Writer and producerAli Ghavitan
Photography ShahabNorouzian
Editor Mehdi Hosseinivand
Music RamezanNorouzi
Sound Design BehrouzShahamat
Cast BaharehNorouzi, SedighehNorouzian, Ali Ghavitan

white bridge